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Insurance is a good thing but sometimes it could be too expensive. Better work at home.Make money online

Tim Tyler


Thanks for your information about insurance for home-based businesses. I'm going to share your info with a group of people I just hooked up with at www.GetVendors.com.

I know they'll appreciate, too. Thanks again!


Tim Tyler

Mark Vane

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I'm not sure. I agree with the concept, but what if this is a guy who is simply fixing computers in his own house? People bring the computer over themselves, sign a liability waiver stating they are not responsible if he, say, erases the data, and he can't break anything (because he's in his house). Wouldn't that work?



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Computer Consulting Kit

Insurance is definitely really important for those starting small businesses – whether working from home or in small offices. I advise computer consultants with whom I work to get insurance because it protects both them and their clients if anything goes wrong. Particularly when you’re taking full responsibility – in the case of small business computer consulting – for clients’ expensive and important IT assets, you want to make sure you are protecting everyone involved from potentially expensive legal hassles. Also important is enlisting the help of an attorney to give you advice on exactly what you need.


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Bob Sherman EDC Diamond Guru

One thning you should check is your home owner's insurance policy. There are probably some extensions (riders) that can be added to cover home based business equipment.

If this does not work for you, you should consider a business owners policy.

Also, ask your insurance agent about unbrella liability that could extend your coverage for an additional small fee.

Steve to buy car insurance online

That was truly a great example of how a home based business needs insurance. Dropping on the wood floor was a good add. There are all kinds of problems that you could run into. Better safe than sorry.


Great post. I think every small business needs some sort of insurance.

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Vlad - Small Business and Web Design

Generally, what frightens me in small business insurance is that it IS expensive.

Problem is to get to the point where you with your profits can afford all the necessary insurance you must have in the first place.

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Congrats! you made it perfect..^_^ many will visit you here,,




Oh, good points! I never thought about some of the pitfalls I could face with my own online business. Thanks for the info.


I'm new to this "work from home" business and still learning everyday. Thanks for the info.

Nathen B.

Business insurance is a must if you look like someone who could be sued sucessfully, or if you are in a position to cause harm. If you have a real brick and mortar business, you need business insurance. If you sell rubber bands over the internet, probably not so much.


I am so afraid of getting sued for something dumb like on of my clients tripping over my invoice. I currently don't have business insurance, but I think I am going to get it after reading this post.


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Jeff Baas

Excellent point about an aspect of starting a home-based business that most new business owners forget to take into account.

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The bottom line is these days you need insyrance for absolutely everything. Its too risky not to have it.

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This is really helpful. Thanks...^_^
But I believe it still depends on how much money you earn in your home business. Since most insurance are expensive, it's not quite wise to get one if the business owners earn less, right?


I agree that businesses of any size, home based or not should all have insurance.

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nicely done. insurance is great if you are in Canada but if you are from the US, just stay at home and work from there.


Useful and nice tips on both insurance and home based jobs. Feel free to visit..

Hannah Prichard

I defiantly think that getting insurance is very important for small business and self employed. I do know of a company that can give fortune 500 benefits with real quality affordable health, dental, 401k, and not to mention getting a TAX savings on your business. If you don't offer these benefits to your valuable employees you could also risk losing them.


Great Info! Thanks for the post!


Great Info! Thanks for the post!

California Insurance License

Insurance is absolutely necessary for any kind of business. It is vital for the security and safeguard of any small business or anyone who is working as a sole proprietor. There is no denying that.


Interesting… I might try some of this on my blog, too. It’s quite interesting how you sometimes stop being innovative and just go for an accepted solution without actually trying to improve it… you make a couple of good points

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Very nice.......I'm sure it will help many people.....
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home based business opportunities

Utilizing the latest computer equipment with lots of memory and processor speed can improve your response time and efficiency of your home based business activities. Always purchase the best equipment you can afford and utilize features that improve your overall business activities.


Small business

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Home Business

I'd rather prefer that my business be done at home because you can save financially with fares and all.


Unfortunately insurance is a cost that we have to account for even for small businesses.


Home based business are of many types. There are many opportunities and options you have in choosing home based business.

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Great info, really very helpful for new home based business.

Insurance Guy

Insurance is always important for anyone who conducts any type of business. There are so many ways for a person to sue you that you have to protect yourself in any and all situations. I have always felt that I rather pay a little bit more for insurance so I can have piece of mind knowing that I will be protected.

home based business

I'm starting my own now. I'm glad I've seen your post and learning a lot.


Hi may be i can share also my sites that can help other people thanks.

California Casualty

Agree. A a person who is working with Internet-based job should also have insurance. While it an option it is better to be prepared - should unfortunate events happen.


very informative post hope you can continue to post may topics like this.thanks guys.


guys im new here in your site and im loving it the topic is very informative thanks guys.


It is easy to write if of as not necessary for a small business but what you say makes sense.

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What is the world coming too? People will sue for just about anything these days.


I can't believe that anyone would run a business, home based or not, without appropriate insurance. You're just asking for trouble if you don't have the right insurance.


I can never accept that I have to pay insurance and I pay with great reluctance. I've never made a claim but I guess if something happened I would be covered.


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Home-based business insurance is often overlooked. Many home-based business owners own their own homes, and assume that their home insurance also covers their home-based business activities.

Avalar Homes

Great informative post! The comments are very helpful too! Thank you!

Business Payroll Services

Some really good points here -- you might not need insurance for the same things as other businesses might, but you still need to be covered.

Genee Blue

Well, homebased jobs are great specially to those people that needs to stay at home while working, having an insurance is also great but kinda expensive. Maybe, considering an insurance that has lower annual fee is better.

Texas Insurance

I agree working at home is the way to go if you can. The non-commute alone is worth getting setup remotely.

Logo Design

Some captivating resources you have posted above. I have to admit your brilliant work. Thanks for sharing this precious stuff.

Staci Burruel

Hmm, insurance helps keep your business afloat even when the times are challenging. It serve as a safety net for financial mistakes you commit during the process.

General Liability Waiver Form

Thanks for revealing this super valuable resource! reinforcing the positive attributes

Corporation in Califonia

How much is the insurance of home based business?

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Best Home Business

looks interesting, thank you so much for sharing this

Anne Shaw

Just have the full details and check out whether its worthy to have insurance. If its profitable then must go for it.

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Thanks for this great information. Keep up the good work!

Awe Par

Great post! It is so important to cover yourself with insurance whenever there is a possibility of any liability. With the ease of access to the internet these days and the ability to compare insurance quotes, there really is no excuse for not having adequate insurance coverages for any area that may require it.


thanks for the information i will share to my team.. keep up the good work.



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Excellent information. This site definitely explains essential concepts to its readers. Thanks for continuing to write such wonderful articles. God bless.


If someone bought your item (on eBay) and received it (broken) in the mail then cut themselves on their own property you can not be sued for medical bills due to it happening on their own property. However, they could sue for the product being faulty (pain and suffering) just not to cover medical bills.

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Very informative post. I found the information quite interesting. I am glad you covered the importance of looking into insurance options. This is a great resource for small business owners. Thanks

Tim Anthon

good information i think could use it for myself
really nice and looking forward for more.


Very good tips, insurance is almost always a good idea.

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have to pay someone to recreate the data. Again, insurance would cover this.

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home based business

Awesome. It is really interesting topic. For the most part I think it’s a lack of quick success when you enter the online world. I think that can discourage a lot of newcomers who expected riches when they first started their home business.


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