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Skype is Top for business to business.
we build a Skype enabled b2b marketplace for international business


You can offer practically any kind of service using the internet. You just have to make sure there is a market for it and that you can actually fulfill job orders. Some of the most common internet jobs involve clerical jobs such data entry, performing tasks as a virtual assistant, web development, word processing, telemarketing, book keeping and others. You can work as a copy writer, be a sales representative or even become a pro-blogger. You can set up a business that targets clients in your own town or people halfway around the globe.

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Having a online home business is an excellent option for mothers or fathers that stay home with young children. Not only does it allow them to spend more time with their children, but they are earning an income as well. Doing work from home makes it easier to deal with everyday life. There are doctor's appointments, errands that need to be taken care of, emergencies, etc. http://www.millionairebusinessideas.com

Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Yes skype provides a lot help but hackers can be a threat..otherwise its very helpful for home business..


Good information on skypee. I do also agree that skype is good for "Stay at home job" works cause saves a lot money but with precaution. Just have to concern about hackers otherwise skype is the best..


Thanks for your advice of being careful using Skype. I do really agree with you about skype that its a lot help for us who wants to build up a home business...


Being updated in the hi-tech gadget is very helpful in this day because its help us to do all the things much easier this topic is one example that proof that all of the hi-tech gadgets are helpful.thanks for the information


i have to agree with carlo he already say what i want to say and i want to add more thing all people now a days are needing to depend on hi-tech.thanks guys.

hosted pbx support

Skype can be a great alternative, especially for SMEs, but why settle for the next best thing? There are other phone systems available out there that also rely on the internet and offer cheap solutions for business communications. And as you've said, there are security risks involved. Well, everything entails risks, but it's a different story if you have your own support system. Whatever you choose for your business, just be sure that you know how to troubleshoot.

- Emile Marston


I use skype for my business and it has saved a lot of money. Guess I never thought of hackers.

Account Deleted

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Jarno Numminen

Skype phone services is really a good idea that they make for me,now a days phone services is very important specially those customer service one,in Finland it is very useful to every one on having a call center things for some customer service.They give an equal info for everyone.


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